& Set Your Record Agreement

This agreement applies to all dates that a vendor participates at all events which are owned and operated under the company Set Your Record (

Checking In- All vendors will get an email prior to the event start date with easy instructions on checking in.

Vendor Set-Up- The vendor set up time starts 3 hours prior to the start of the event. For example, if your event starts at 8 am then your set up vendor time would be between 5-8 am. After the start time of your event, in this example 8 am no vehicle access will be allowed so please make sure you set up early enough.

Breakdown: Breakdowns start after the listed end time of your event up to 2 hours later. No vendors may start to breakdown and leave until the end of there event time. For example, if your event ends at 5 pm. At 5 pm you may start to breakdown and leave. You would have up to 7 pm to leave. Nothing will be held overnight.

Business Hours- Please see the listed hours of your event on the home page.

Admission Fee- Admission is $5 cash at the entrance. Free for 16 and under. All vendors get free admission only for vendors and their assistants that check-in at the entrance for the morning check-in. Any additional assistants will be charged $5. The Downtown Sacramento Business Expo is the only event that is free of general admission.

Sellers Permit- Vendors who sell more than twice per the calendar year are required to have a sellers permit through the California Department Of Tax And Fee Administration.

To apply for a sellers permit call 800-400-7115 or go online 

Vendor Space- Each vendor booth space is 18x20 ( 2 parking spaces next to each other). This is the same location and set up as The Sacramento Antique Faire implements each month which brings in thousands of people each month and is ideal for vendors. All vendors must park at their vendor space to give customers more parking spaces. This also makes each vendor's set up and breakdown of their vendor booth easy. Your vendor space is two parking spots. One for your vehicle and one for your vendor booth. If your vehicle is to large for one space you must purchase another vendor space.

Vendor Tables- We do not offer any vendor tables or chairs for sale/rental. Each vendor is responsible for their own vendor booths and all materials. Please come prepared.

Merchandise And Services- Each vendor may only sell merchandise or provide service after approval. Please be professional and keep everything family-friendly.

Indemnity- All vendors and staff assume all risk of property damage, personal injury plus agree to indemnify and hold harmless the operator, the state of California and the city of California for any and all claims costs or expenses incurred as a result of the conduct of vendors or their assistants.

Insurance- Operator maintains liability insurance in accordance with the requirements of the state of California (landowner/lessor).

Electricity- Operator does not supply electricity to vendors. Vendors may provide their own generator. Please disclose this to the operator.

Restrooms- Portable restrooms will be provided by the operator.

Taxes/Licenses- Vendors are responsible for any licenses or tax fees and will hold the operator harmless for any regulatory breach.

Breach Of Contract- Operator reserves the right to decline any vendor rental based on actual or anticipatory breach of contract.

Refunds- There are no refunds. All scheduled events will proceed rain or shine unless forces of nature or other factors out of the operators control occurs. If you can not make the event please have an assistant take over for you or contact the operator in advance to have a vendor substitute your vendor booth location if possible but no guarantee. If your event/events are cancelled you will be grandfathered at the following years event with a free credit to another event of your choice at no additional cost. 

Clean-Up- All vendors are required to clean up their vendor areas prior to leaving.

Security- The operator will provide security.

Prohibited- No animals allowed unless they are service dogs. No firearms, flammables, drugs, sexual offensive merchandise, tattoo services or massage services, any illegal or not approved merchandise or services will be prohibited.

Professional- Vendors and their staff agree to conduct their business in compliance with all laws. Let's keep it professional!

I, the vendor, will agree to the terms of this, for the company Set Your Record vendor agreement contract, which includes provisions consistent with the terms of an ongoing lease with the state of California and the owner-operator of Set Your Record, Todd Arslanian. The vendor agrees to pay the full amount based on the vendor's event show type category and how many booth rental spaces the vendor may require. The booth space and cost are listed under the buy vendor booth space. This agreement, as well as the receipt of payment, will be emailed to the vendor instantly after payment is completed. By purchasing and digitally signing this agreement you understand and agree to all the terms of service.